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It is very important that you ensure that the move-in process is done correctly and that the Accommodation Officer (AO) follows the procedure as written in the Carillion Amey (CA) handbook.

Carillon Amey’s Walk Away Scheme: clarification for families Take a look at what our families said in AFF’s 2015 Move-In Survey Check out what you can and can not be charged for at Move-out Changing energy supplier at move-in/move-out Move in appointment What is a proxy?

For more information about the Walk Away Scheme, click here. We identified areas of concern, poor performance and have made recommendations.

We produced a command brief that was shared with senior offices, MOD civil servants and Ministers.

the cooker, and this means you won’t get charged at move-out, which would be more expensive than the cost of the Scheme.

you must record them on your 14-day report to ensure that you won't be charged for them on move-out.This has caused issues with generating final bills on move-out and has also caused families concern and undue work.Read more Improving the process AFF spoke to CA who confirmed that they do need to start the process of changing to their void supplier, Scottish Southern Energy (SSE), before the move-out date to ensure that there is enough time to get the changeover on the required date.Your AO will meet you at your SFA with your house file, occupancy form, 14 day observation report form and fuel subsidy scheme details (if required).They will also leave you with copies of the gas and electrical safety inspection, a leaflet on controlling mould and condensation, the operating instructions for your boiler, hot water and cooker and meter readings for gas and electricity.

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What is an uninhabitable fault at move-in and what happens?

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