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Players can now jump and fall in marksmanship mode (jump accuracy modifier still takes effect) Weapons now have a separate modifier for moving at walking speed (such as when crouching or in marksmanship mode).

Now only the front doors are considered valid options if the car is empty (note: did anyone ever really want to hang out alone in the back-seat?Pickup task items now lie close to the ground instead of floating at waist height.Updated Open World drop off location names; now named ‘Fence’, ‘Chop Shop’, ‘Impound’ and ‘Evidence Locker’. Loading tooltips added, describing premium and leased content.Vo IP now defaults to ‘Push to Talk’ instead of microphone activated (now using “Z” button by default).Player now stays in strafe mode for 5 seconds rather than 2 after firing/reloading.

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if so – Closed Beta participants are welcome to weigh in).

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