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Mickie James and John Cena began working together as part of a WWE storyline back in 2008 and it seems that this lead to a real-life affair between the former WWE Champion and the former Women's Champion.Mickie was engaged to former Spirit Squad member Kenny Dykstra at the time, and when he found out, Cena used the power that he had within the company to have him fired(or so it's rumoured).

Here’s the video of the entire interview, which has Ziggler talking to the reporter about Lana and a potential match with Tyler Breeze.Mickie was then moved over to the Smack Down roster since Cena had decided that he didn't want to be in a relationship.Mickie was quietly released from the company a few years later, but now she has returned she has been able to be part of the same shows as Cena, but it seems that Dykstra will always blame Cena for ending his WWE career.​ Ashley And Matt Hardy Were Never Destined To Last Very Long Matt Hardy hasn't had a lot of luck when it comes to relationships, it seems that the former Tag Team Champion had finally managed to move on from Lita back in 2005, when he started dating 2005 Raw Diva Search winner Ashley.Before this interview took place, WWE fans assumed they were protecting the storyline that was on TV.In addition to his words on-screen, he replied to a fan on Twitter that thought Rusev and Lana had a relationship in real life.

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In the mid-2ooo’s, Hardy and Lita were dating and happy.

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