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Then along came Sex and the City and with it, the knowledge that women are far more than aspiring housewives with no sex drive.

While SATC was fantastic on so many levels, it was also not all that relatable in terms of lifestyle.

Upon arrival please go to the Fine Arts Building to register.

At that time you will need the following: CAMP OFFICE: The camp office, which opens June 6, is located in Fine Arts Center 103.

I remember complaining to a friend in 1975 that I was tired of reading the books in our middle school library because "they're all about kids with problems." Maybe with that succinct analysis of the 1970s problem novel, I damned myself to a lifetime of studying adolescent literature. In Chapter 4, I discussed Foucault's concept of sexuality as a human construct invented to control the biological aspects of sex (History 35). It is, perhaps, even more powerful in the human mind than sexuality, for although in theory some individuals can...The dynamics of power/repression I have discussed in the previous chapters are interrelated.Certainly no institution exists in isolation; no discursive construct possibly can.The payment may be paid by check, credit card or cash.ROOM AND MEALS: Dormitory students may pay 5.00 room and meals fee by mail (with the required 0 tuition deposit) or at registration on the first day of camp.

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The first meal will be served on Sunday, June 11, at PM.

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