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Your general location, the type of work you do and a physical trait you have, such as blond hair, might seem innocuous in isolation, but combine all three together and a stalker can narrow down the search for the identity of a person who fits your description. The illusion of the small audience – While apps like Secret and Yik Yak may each have methods of limiting the size of the groups of people who can see a person’s posts, all it takes is one person within that group to share it with others.Even if a post you make is not sharable through a “share” button or copying and pasting, a quick screen shot on a phone or computer can allow the ambitious spy to share your post with everyone.Ideally, you can share all kinds of dark secrets about yourself or others without anyone knowing it was you who posted the information.

Some may just have an email address, while others might also use a phone’s location services to find nearby contacts.

Some have even used them to issue threats of violence against others. For most people, however, it is simply a convenient form of anonymous gossip or digital group therapy.

Some might say anonymity on the Internet is an oxymoron.

Your “anonymous” sharing with your twelve closest friends can suddenly become a “sharing” moment with 12 million other people.

Some of these services, such as Whisper, even go out of their way to make sure user posts go viral and are shared with as many people as possible.

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