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Can states completely bar sex offenders from social media sites like Facebook?That question goes before the Supreme Court on Monday in an important case that weighs the protection of children versus the Constitutional rights of free speech and association.

Facebook and Schneiderman have colloborated in the past, most recently on a project to send AMBER Alerts to the News Feeds of social network users when a child goes missing.

Now, Packingham is asking the Supreme Court to strike down the North Carolina law, saying it violates his First Amendment rights by cutting him off from an important source of news and information.

In his appeal, he points to the example of President Barack Obama conducting a town hall on Twitter (TWTR) to argue social media sites are an essential part of modern democracy, and that it’s not legal to ban sex offenders from them entirely.

Faceprints serve as distinct digital identifiers, similar to a fingerprint, that are based on the unique contours of a person’s face.

Facebook uses the technology to suggest tags for people when users post a photos.

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