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My Sunshine 4.76 My Sunshine is free online dating sim game at .

You must be smart, looks great and charm Damien, Leon and Tom.

When they do, they get married and move in with him/her.

But if your sim doesn't make enough money (which means being at level 6 for example) your date will say, "You don't make enough money".

Now that the Sim has completed almost everything, there are only a few more things left to do.

Once the goals for this mission are completed, the storyline itself is completed.

S/he then gets into the hot tub and asks the player's character to join him/her.

The Sim is called Randy Hottie if your Sim is female, and Roxy Hottie if your Sim is male.

In this mission, the Sim must be promoted another two levels, and must throw another party.

But don't just throw one as soon as you get there: Malolm will instantly end it; you must upgrade the abode. At this party, the character has to find someone of the opposite sex and try to "score" with them.

It gives you different objectives to accomplish, which unlock various items in the Buy area of the free play mode.

In this mode, you play one Sim (whom you create), and move through various missions and houses.

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You can get your spouse a job and have them work, too.

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