Dating a vegetarian guy

Lasting love is so much more than hobbies and good looks. Veganism is one of Britain’s fastest growing lifestyle movements - there are now over half a million plant-based dieters living in the UK and that figure is set to rapidly rise over the next decade.Other times, it’s their little “about me” blurb that confirms their employability, pets, and/or penchant for axe throwing.But one often overlooked factor that is a total make or break for me is if a person is a vegan.However, once we’ve had the time to learn who a person really is, it’s up to us to either support them for who they are, or keep looking.

More than dating someone who enjoys the same music, has the same attitudes towards marriage, or practices the same religion, there exists a hard line of whether or not their ethics are in line with yours.I’m not suggesting that anyone dating a non-vegan starts planning their breakup, but that vegans on the market should seek other vegans for their own well-being.found that 30% of meat eaters wouldn’t date a vegetarian or vegan.I could no more easily help someone cook a meat dish, than I could split finances to purchase one.I understand that this perspective isn’t easily applied to people who have made the transition to veganism while already in a relationship, where partners don’t tag along for the ride.

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