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The libraries I own cost anywhere from to 00 a piece. You can't substitute bad instruments for composing or mixing skills (and vice versa).

I only have experience with FL studio DAW so I don't know about Pro Tools or Ableton or Cubase. A: No, I have learned everything by myself, and so can you! A: I used to try and play the guitar when I was younger but nowadays I'm doing everything on the computer.

Artiphon is betting there are a lot of other folks who feel the same way, and the company wants Instrument 1 to be a bridge for casual folks to discover (or rediscover) the joys of making sweet music.

Typing notes into software can’t capture the totality of writing and performing music.

For their first product, the makers at music technology company Artiphon said they did look at those peripherals for inspiration.

But this smart instrument, the “most funded musical gadget in Kickstarter history,” is actually about democratizing the joys of composing music, not just mechanically imitating it.

My songs are usually very melodic, strongly harmonic, rhythmic and simple yet very diverse.

I aim to compose strong motifs, memorable melodies, epic structures and to offer my listeners and clients unique experiences.

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