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Citing a statement from Andrew Brettler, a Lavely & Singer attorney, the administrator of the website where the explicit images of the celebrities have been posted should also be among those punished for the crime of illegally publishing stolen private data.“The hackers responsible for these despicable invasions of privacy should be prosecuted, and the websites that post the stolen photographs and videos should be held accountable, too, because they provide a platform for these lowlifes to showcase their ‘work,'” he said.Woods was granted dual citizenship by the Thai government (his mother, Kultida, is of half Thai and one quarter Chinese, descent) in 1997 prior to playing in the Asian Honda Classic.Woods has captured the hearts and imaginations of even non-golf fans around the world.I called South Doc to come out and they said if he didn't start to improve to call an ambulance," Catherine Duggan told "He wasn't any better by the morning so I called an ambulance and they rushed Liam to hospital.

"He started vomiting on March 17 and he didn't stop until the following morning.

"Tiger" had been the moniker of a South Vietnamese officer who saved Earl's life on several occasions.

As a child, Woods was one of junior golf's most accomplished players. He turned professional in the summer of 1996, and the game of golf hasn't been the same since.

telling TMZ Sports he believes "everyone" is pulling for him to make a HUGE…

READ MORE Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell have lawyered up, demanding that several websites take down nude photos of them that were illegally hacked.

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