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I've never written an "about India" book -- the closest I've come is setting large parts of a superhero novel, , in India -- but I did notice several British and American reviewers mentioning that reading it made them realize that people in India weren't too different from them.

Which always makes me wonder what they thought we were like.

“Bolder cuisines that feature loud-flavoured ingredients are always trickier to manoeuvre, for instance Mexican and Thai, which feature the use of chilies and can sometimes get hot-hot-hot.Until then, he continues to sit, obscure, wondering how to swat a fly that sits perfectly between his two tails. Hanuman (kaiju) From Hanuman and the Ultra Brothers vs.The adventures of this author’s ageless boy-journalist around, and even out of, our world are not only among the most-read cartoon capers but had fans as varied as Satyajit Ray, Steven Spielberg and Charles de Gaulle.We use them to shave our elephants and anchor news panel shows. The Rakshas Hindu/Buddhist demons: they first appeared in the Rig Veda in many-many BC, and they're fierce, diverse and all-round awesome.Rakshases can shapeshift, take animal form, grow to giant size, and generally do anything the X-Men can, but with more fangs and less spandex.

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