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Even though I've been told repeatedly by the producer and director of this particular episode, that the show will remain objective and unbiased, chances are we'll be ripped apart in mid-air.I'd like you to be fully aware that the National Geographic Channel describes this documentary series as follows: "Ignoring common sense and reason, people continue to believe in a host of supposed "supernatural phenomena." In a brand new series, National Geographic Channel exposes the myths and malarkey behind enduring modern-day tales of the unexpected.

Tsoukalos is also famous for the TV show titled ‘Ancient Aliens’ that gets aired on History TV.She also loves watching movies like Ender’s game, movies of the Predator series, movies of the Aliens series and many more.She also prefers to use metal and leather along with glass to design the various jewelry items which she sells through her studio that has been setup in 2006.- decide for yourself." So, the painting's on the wall.Last May, the National Geographic Channel contacted Legendary Times to participate in an interview for a segment on their "Is it Real?

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