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By the way, these comments relate to opposite sex, or same sex relationships.Since the repeal of DOMA the federal government has recognized same sex couples have the same rights for immigration benefit as opposite sex couples.A friend, Matina K, has suggested that some might benefit from a post about how to handle the situation when you have entered as single and want to get married at various points along the DV process.Firstly, I should explain that the marital status question in the e DV entry is one of the questions on the form – a mistake on your marital status can (and typically does) cause disqualification – even if the mistake was innocuous/innocent.Some embassies are relaxed about who attends the interviews, others are very UNrelaxed – so in some cases you will have to contact the embassy or ask KCC to contact them on your behalf to get your spouse added to the interview schedule. However, this is a highly risky strategy as the embassy may not understand the rules, you might time out, visas may be exhausted and so on.

If a marriage is considered legal in the place where it was performed then US immigration law treats the marriage as lawful.I will refer to your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/fiancé all as partner from now on in this article.First of all, if you are unmarried you cannot list your partner as a spouse.In fact it is absolutely the sensible thing to do in some cases as I will describe shortly.However, winning the DV lottery is a huge opportunity and there are plenty of people that have tried to manipulate the system to obtain two Green Cards based on a “sham” marriage.

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