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Gay, straight, hipster, geek – forget about Hollywood hunks and hotties.

Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker believes in love for everyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, hair colour, or penchants for giant anime robots! Whether you’re new to Matchmaker or have played it before on the small screen, I really hope you’re looking forward to this release as much as we at Magic Notion HQ are!

Hakuoki was first released back in 2008 (no, really), and tells a story of love and adventure in the era of the Shinsengumi.

I don't usually buy games at launch but this time I had to make an exception. I have only played Persona 4 and I loved it as well.

The titles then become available on the first Tuesday of the month, making them available on October 4.

The Express UK reported that the free games for the system are headlined by "Metal Gear Solid 5." "That's You," "Hustle Kings," "Hue," and the games previously mentioned will also be available.

There are the VNs that mix with other genres, such as Danganronpa, 999, Eiyuu Senki and Tears to Tiara, and I love them all.

Then there are the “true” VNs, where interactivity is kept to an absolute minimum — games like Steins; Gate, which people often challenge as to whether they’re a game at all.

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Sony released the latest updates for the Play Station firmware updates, and users will want to update to play the latest games and avoid crashes.

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