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Notwithstanding the bitter hostility of the Federal party to the war, the country in general approved ; and in the autumn Madison was re-elected to the Presidency by 128 electoral votes to 89 in favor of George Clinton.

On the i8th of June, 1812, President Madison gave his approval to an act of Congress declaring war against Great Brit- ain.

But the sage, instead o( regarding such an intrusion with a frown, raised his eyes to the boy's face with a pleased surprise, and said, ' Thank you, sir ; it is the very word,' and immediately in- serted it.

Polk 64 Zachary Taylor 68 Millard Fillmore 73 Franklin Pierce 76 James Buchanan 80 Abraham Lincoln 84 Andrew Johnson 93 Ulysses 8. Probably no other person then living would have taken such a liberty.

B 428 Atwood, Seba 719 Austin, David 156 Babinski, A 786 Bach, Nicholas 754 Bailey, Frank 146 Banker, John 477 Barber Bros 529 Barclay, 1). J 450 Bainilz, Louis 787 Barr, Samuel 719 Bart/., Charles A 2'.:3 Beach, J. 3' dency to his Secretary of State and inti- mate friend, James Monroe, and retired to his ancestral estate at Montpelier, where he passed the evening of his days surrounded by attached friends and enjoying the merited respect of the whole nation.

In 1796 he was its choice for the Presidency as successor to Wash- ington. Jefferson wrote : " There is not another person in the United States with whom, being placed at the helm of our affairs, my mind would be so completely at 30 PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES. She was born in 1767, in Vir- ginia, of Quaker parents, and had been educated in the strictest rules of that sect. If there was any diffident, timid young girl just making her appearance, she found in Mrs. During the storm v administration of John Adams Madison remained in private life, but was the author of the celebrated " Reso- lutions of 1798," adopted by the Virginia Legislature, in condemnation of the Alien and Sedition laws, as well as of the " report" in which he defended those resolutions, which is, by many, considered his ablest State paper. His voice was feeble though his enunciation was very dis- tinct. My son was a lad of sixteen, whom I had taken with me to act as amanuensis. Arthur 113 Groyer Cleveland 117 Benjamin Harrison 120 -^5|^ IV CONTENTS. Though the con- vention sat sixteen weeks, he spoke only twice ; but when he did speak, the whole house paused to listen. Madi- son's last speech: " The next day, as there was a great call for it, and the report had not been returned for publication, I sent my son with a re- spectful note, requesting the manuscript. George Washington 9 John Adams 14 Thomas Jefferson 20 James Madison 26 James Monroe 32 John Quincy Adams 38 Andrew Jackson 47 Martin Van Buren 53 William Henry Harrison 58 John Tyler 60 James K. Madison's room and wait while his eye ran over the paper, as com- pany had prevented his attending to it. My son was young, ignorant of the world, and unconscious of the solecism of which he was about to be guilty, when, in all simplic- ity, he suggested a word. On delivering my note, he was received with the utmost politeness, and requested to come up into Mr. The lad stood near him so that his eye fell on the paper. Madison erased a word and substituted another ; but hesitated, and not feeling satisfied with the second .word, drew his pen through it also.

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